The Artist Tags

The Artist Tags has created a new vibe in music with the album Rare Earth Love! The first single “Beauty & the Beast” will transport you away to a beach, where you fall in love. But how did all these happen?

Out of the Covid19 pandemic Tags found himself musically infused, he started a streaming Quarantine Challenge on FACEBOOK, where friends would request a song and that song would have to be learnt in 1 hour and performed live!  “That was scary. Every episode I hoped got better, some??? Well, it taught me…. next!”

After 39 episodes he felt a new style was born and the flood gates of writing opened up. First came “Beauty & the Beast” then came “Meet Me on the Beach”, then came “Rare Earth Love” and later “Something Will Give”. “Patience & Faith” will definitely shake some hands and heads and “Good Morning Gorgeous”…. well that one is just pure!

 In a time where Covid19 has changed the fabric of our lives, there has never been a more important time for all of us to share, sing and believe. Being an independent artist has given Tags this freedom to absolutely understand that love is what matters, being yourself is what matters, giving all you can is what matters. Believe, Dream, Forgive, Be Brave!

Tags took the songs to Indestructible Productions Studio where producer Jaime Chinchilla embraced his musical ideas to turn them into a finished product.

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